We develop technology that quickly and accurately collects, identifies, curates, maps and visualises species data.

This technology is not only finding new species all the time, it’s detecting invasive species and helping contain their spread.

In 2017 $7.9 trillion worth of crops worldwide were destroyed from insect damage. In the US alone, $70 billion is spent annually on pest control.

Using a combination of AI/ML, computer vision, collective intelligence, gamification, GSM telecommunications, data visualisation - and more - BioSMART provides the early detection of invasive pests, along with real time species identification and mapping.

Our Mission

To solve some of the most pressing issues of biodiversity and biosecurity management through innovative technology.

BioSMART is combining the latest AI/ML technologies with collective intelligence to enhance Smart Reef’s ability to support research of marine biodiversity. Enabling us to better connect marine tourism with the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth.
— Jeff Donios, CEO, SmartReef

What We've Achieved

  • World-leading collective intelligence system - BioExpertise.org, which includes AI Computer Vision and Machine Learning processing. (Winner, Eureka Prize, 2018)

  • QuestaGame - gamified data collection app.

  • BioCoin.life - a coin to save life on Earth.