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We protect environments by identifying and mapping every known life form - in real time.


Our technology maps species - existing species, new species and the early detection and containment of invasive species. It enables farmers, policy makers, and environmental professionals to better understand biological dynamics for any type of environment.

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Smart Tech

Combining AI/ML, computer vision, collective intelligence, gamification, info-economics, data visualisation - and more - to provide real time species identification.


ABout us

BioSMART is an award-winning technology company founded by Dr. Mallika Robinson and her husband Andrew Robinson. The company has built numerous technologies to collect, identify and curate species data, and works with thousands of experts from leading institutions around the world.

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Proven Success - World-leading collective intelligence system, which includes AI Computer Vision and Machine Learning processing. (Winner, Eureka Prize, 2018)

QuestaGame - leading data collection app designed as an adventure game; includes QuestaGame for Schools.

University BioQuest

Data collection and curation, Atlas of Living Australia (289 million records downloaded).

Pays to Know Nature Fund

Located and reported numerous, expert-verified invasive threats to state and federal government. - a coin to save life on Earth.

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